Pre-award National support area

The main tasks of the Service are:

  • Assistance in writing and presenting national, regional and local projects.
  • Scouting of scientific and technological skills also through CSNs in order to promote scientific-technological collaborations with companies.
  • Identification of calls suitable for the Institute's skills and participation in the writing of calls (for the definition of the issues and rules to be described in the calls).
  • Management of relations with the other divisions of Central Administration (AC) and dissemination.
  • Coordination of local External Fund Offices and dissemination of good practices implemented in different Italian Regions for the participation of the Institute in regional and national projects.

Head of Sector: Franca Masciulli
                          +39 0862437231

                          +39 3477795727

                          Gianmarco Marcelli

                          +39 0862437736